Chronic Pain

Chronic pain

For many people, chronic pain is the never ceasing bane of their life. Coping with such levels of stress on a daily basis can take its toll on people’s health further, pushing them deep into negative cycles.

Fiona Carew, from London suffers from chronic body pain which was caused by an accident. As a physical theatre actress, Fiona suffered an uncommon and serious injury: “I was doing a routine exercise where a colleague was meant to catch me. Unfortunately, she caught me too late and I sustained a serious whiplash injury.” The resultant trauma of the fall impacted Fiona’s spine and was the catalyst for a series of physical difficulties.

Speaking about her condition, Fiona comments: “All the muscles, ligaments and soft tissue in my body seemed to be burning and in pain. The simplest of tasks – such as preparing dinner – would just be too much for me. This escalated to the point where I wasn’t able to sleep and developed insomnia. I felt very overwhelmed, depressed and anxious at the same.”

As with many chronic conditions, doctors have struggled to find a cure for Fiona. “I started going down the conventional medical route. I went to see a physio and a chiropractor. Then it was recommended I see a nutritionist, then a naturopath. I tried acupuncture, traditional Chinese remedies… If there was anything I thought could possibly help, I gave it a go.

“However, though some treatments provided temporary relief, the pain would always take over my body again and again. During these difficult times, I have always found solace in my family and friends who have always been there to support me. One of my friends, Jane, suffers from Chronic Fatigue syndrome – also known as ME. Often bed-bound due to the severity of her condition, I visited her one day and found her, not only up and about, but looking brighter than she had in years.”

Upon speaking with Jane about her incredible recovery, Fiona learned her friend had begun practising Qi treatments.

What is Qi?

Central to Eastern philosophy, Qi (or “Chi”) means life force energy. It is considered to be the invisible energy that supports all life on the planet. In traditional culture, an abundant flow of Qi throughout the body is believed to maintain a state of balance, lasting health and mental wellbeing. It is also thought that, when people are drained of Qi, they begin to experience declining health and emotional imbalances.

Inspired by Jane’s story, and desperate to find some relief, Fiona met Master Oh, the pioneer of Qi energy healing in the west, who is currently residing in London. On her experience with Qi treatments, Fiona comments:

“Though sceptical at first, I made an appointment – just to see what it was like rather than expecting any results. To my astonishment, Master Oh was able to pick up on all my symptoms by “feeling” my energy. He told me that the burning pain could be coming from a serious shortage of energy. As a consequence, all my muscles were going into overdrive.”

Qi Treatments

Practised in the traditional way, Qi treatments are administered to patients physically by firmly pushing certain points of the body to stimulate energy flow and clear blockages. A practitioner will utilise the power of their own Qi to help heal others.

“From the first Qi treatment, I felt completely rejuvenated. I absolutely could not believe it. The pain has now eased so much that I often don’t feel it at all. Regular treatments have not only transformed my body, but have also cleared my mind.

“Overcoming this obstacle in my life has made me feel incredibly positive, happy and light. Today I don’t really have pain anymore and would absolutely recommend others open their minds to trying new treatments for chronic conditions. This worked for me, it may well work for you.

Find out more about Qi Energy and Master Oh here.


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