Master Oh Testimonials

Testimnonial by Gina Anton

I had fallen ill through the stress of caring for my father who had dementia, I had given so much for so long, I couldn’t give any more, I realised I had to replenish myself somehow. I had read an article in Telegraph Stella Magazine about Master Oh and felt he may be able to help.

Before hearing about Master Oh I had been feeling numb all over. I’d lost my trust in life and felt out of tune and disconnected. My partner and I had been trying for a baby for 6 months without any success. We were told because of my age our only option was IVF. Reluctantly we decided to go with this advice, I was prepared to do IVF with my head but in my heart I really didn’t want to go ahead with it.

After receiving a Treatment from Master Oh I felt a lot lighter and much more awake. I can now easily get up in the morning, I feel sharper and am much more productive.

After just four months of seeing Master Oh, I naturally became pregnant without the need for IVF treatment. My partner and I couldn’t believe it.

After the treatments I started feeling  more comfortable around my abdomen area, because I had fewer blockages, the energy flow improved and it felt better having sex. After having treatments with Master Oh over four months I naturally became pregnant without the need for IVF treatment.

Since seeing Master Oh I have found my trust in life again and regained my intuition. I’m less emotional and not affected by other people’s negativity, I have more clarity and I feel a better judge of people.

The Qi Treatment with Master Oh is deeper than other holistic treatments. it’s much more than just calming or relaxing, it’s another level. Like having a massage for your soul!

When you talk with Master Oh you feel he’s a good listener without any judgement, very patient and a wise soul, you feel peaceful to just be around him, all of which is rare in today’s world.
London, Feb. 2016

Please note: All advice given is based on an Eastern understanding of Qi energy and the effect it has on a person’s well-being. Many people have experienced benefits from Qi Treatment, however we do not claim to diagnose, prevent or cure any injury or disease.

Marjorie, Retired Clinical Psychologist, Putney

Being 63 years of age I was rather skeptical of the whole idea of an energy treatment, thinking that it wouldn’t work for me. After just one treatment my face felt firmer and my skin looked fresher and somehow my eyes seemed to sparkle. I found the whole experience to be wonderful ly relaxing with great results. I was really surprised at how different I felt the next day. My energy had returned and I felt like my old self again.

I could see a massive difference in my face and my skin had a youthful glow. I also had a lot more energy and for once in a very long time I felt really good. But the best part of all was the comments I received from other people. My son who I hadn’t seen for a while said, ‘my goodness Mum you look really well!’ How Master Oh’s treatments work I have no idea but it really does!

I also used to suffer from bad back pain brought on by my pelvis and hip being out of place following an accident. It would trigger some rather unpleasant sensations that caused me to become very tense and stressed for many years. I had tried all the usual forms of manipulation but found the unique Qi Treatment from Master Oh the only thing that worked. I would come out feeling wonderfully relaxed, it boosts your well being and at the same time corrects any physical imbalances.

Master Oh is clearly very experienced. His knowledge of eastern philosophies about body, mind and spirit and his remarkable intuition in applying these to the individual needs is a rare and cherished thing to me. He also gives holistic and practical lifestyle advice, including how to use the understanding of your body and mind into everyday life.

This is not just an alternative one off treatment that relaxes you and makes you feel good. Master Oh’s consultations provide an opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of both your body and mind; its strengths and weaknesses.
As a male practitioner Master Oh always seems very in tune with women of my age’s concerns. I found him to be capable of empathising with and treating these effectively.

I have no hesitation in recommending this treatment, whatever your age. I have become a big fan of Master Oh and will continue to have treatments along with the classes I also do with him. I have recommended the treatment to many of my old work colleagues, family and friends as it has really made a difference to my life. I value this treatment, for me it is so much better to have natural therapies.

Testimonial by Alexandra Foresgate

I first met Master Oh is 2007, a friend had given me a voucher for five treatments with him. At the time I thought it was a strange present an “energy treatment”. I had never suffered from ill health and only very occasionally went for a massage. Compared with my friends who seemed to be indulging in all sorts of alternative therapies I never felt the need or the desire to. I decided to give it a go and since then i have not looked back.

My first experience of a Qi treatment left me feeling extremely relaxed but it was only the following morning when i woke up, after having had the deepest sleep i think i have ever had,  that i really realised what an incredible treatment it had actually been. I felt very peaceful and the deep stillness that i had experienced the day before was still with me.

Master Oh’s treatments are now a must have in my life. They are a pick me up like no other and an essential part of my life. I try to go twice a month. I have recommended countless friends and family who all have remarkable stories to tell.

It is my father however who for me has had the most life changing results. He is  now 81 and has also been having regular treatments for many years. As my father reached his seventies, the arthritis that he had, gradually got worse and took a sudden nose dive. The medication that he had been on seemed to have lost it’s ability to ease the pain and my fathers world became smaller and smaller as his ability to get around slowly diminished.

 After my own positive experience i decided to ask Master Oh if he thought he could help my father. He assured me that he could greatly reduce the pain and  suffering that my father was enduring. My father surprised me with how open he was to the idea to try a treatment. I think however by this stage he would have tried anything it had become so bad.

After the first treatment my father, like me, slept very very deeply, which up until that point had been almost impossible with the pain. This sleep seemed to recharge him both mentally and physically. He also commented on how the pain felt a little less. I saw this as a hugely positive sign and decided that my father should have a treatment a week. Gradually little by little the impact that these Qi Energy treatments were having on his life became more and more visible. He was able to walk freely again without pain and his general energy levels improved.

I can say without a doubt that Master Oh has changed our lives in a very profound way. I would encourage anyone to go and experience one of these treatments, whatever is going on in their life. I challenge anyone to walk away and not want to come back for more. It is as important i feel as the water we drink and the food we eat.

Emma-Jane Cole, Designer, London

I had been feeling tired for such a long time. Every function in my body seemed to be slowing down. My back was so tight and achy like my whole core was relentlessly in spasm, constricting my circulation and draining all energy.

My head felt thick and heavy, my eyes were often stinging with tiredness and my neck and shoulder locked down one side, I had no real appetite and every morning felt heavy, lethargic, unmotivated and depressed. As the day went by I would gradually feel better but would go to bed in fear of how I was likely to feel the next day. I often stayed up late trying to avoid the dark and hopeless feeling that would strongly attach to me by the morning, which of course in the long run exhausted me further.

I was recommended to see Master Oh by a friend who must have noticed my diminishing state. It was getting increasingly harder to smile as my energy levels became lower and lower.

The treatment was like nothing I have ever experienced or could have imagined.
Master Oh applied pressure to my abdomen, it felt like exactly what I needed. He gradually worked away some of the tension and I felt warmth coming into my body. He worked on my back, at two lower points I felt a deep numbness, which I now know were ‘kidney points’ they were certainly very blocked. My shoulders also began to feel looser.

By the end of the first treatment I was smiling and actually feeling happy. Master Oh looked into my eyes and said ‘you have been so short of energy, you had a hard time, don’t worry things will get better now.’

After months of low energy and worry, I felt light and hopeful that I would be cured. What really amazed me was the amount of times I had to go to the toilet. I realised that my kidneys has been struggling so much that I had hardly been urinating. The relief in my back was immense and my abdominal area felt warm and at peace.

My eyes were left stinging for a short time after the treatment. Apparently this was a sign that toxins were finally being released. My head felt clearer, my neck released, even my wrists felt stronger again. With a couple more sessions I was confident to get back to the gym.

I could not believe the difference, before and after the treatments. I thoroughly enjoy recommending Master Oh to everyone I know. He is brilliant and I am very thankful that I came across such an extraordinary and powerful healer. Thank you.


Testimonial by Mariette Kahn

I am a behaviour therapist who works with children with behavior problems, like AD/HD, Autism and other developmental problems and language delays. I live in the Middle East with my partner and our three children. Needless to say I live a very busy life with three small children and my work. I traveled to London last year to attend the Mind, Body Soul Festival at the Olympia. I was looking for something…

I was tired and looked for a way to recharge myself. I also realized that the behavior problems of my little clients were only symptoms of an underlying energy disturbance. I understand that we are spiritual or energetic beings as well as physical beings. We often mistake the symptoms for our problems, but they are in fact the result of underlying problems on an energy level.  I was looking for something alternative, holistic, that recognized our energy side and at the same time could bring some relief on a physical level. I was asking for a lot!

But as I strolled around the Olimpia I was immediately attracted to a stand where the people looked clear, calm, friendly and very serene. This was of course the Qi Wellness Centre stand and I booked an appointment with Master Oh’s wife, Master Kim. I felt uncomfortable during my first treatment, as Master Kim broke through layers of pain and accumulated energy blockages in my solar plexus, the main energy centre. Afterwards I felt amazing and nothing at the Spiritual festival spoke to me like this particular treatment.

Little did I know what the universe had in mind for me! I found out from the practitioners at the stand that they were visiting the Middle East and I told them that I was interested in them visiting me too. The first weekend that Master Oh came to visit us in Bahrain he did 20 treatments. One month later Master Oh did 40 treatments and the month after 90 treatments over the weekend. I was amazed at how comfortable people were with him. He made them feel at easy and sometimes blew their minds with his intuitive sense of what was “wrong” with them.

I have seen huge improvements in my own energy levels and my physical health has improved. My baby received his first Qi treatment from Master Oh when he was only 8 months old. My son of three and daughter of seven love their treatments. They have not had any serious ailments since their treatments. I have also noticed an improvement in my clients. Children with behavior problems can be a huge drain on their parent’s energy systems. Parents often contribute to their children’s behavior symptoms by unintentionally reinforcing inappropriate behavior. Sometimes they give in when they are tired and find it hard to be consistent with their boundaries. I have noticed a big improvement in families especially when mothers came with their children for treatment.

Master Oh taught me that labels are not important. People either suffer from an energy blockage or an energy shortage. I certainly have seen how parents are better able to deal with their own feelings of frustration after their energy levels are higher. I also see a decline in behavior symptoms with the children as many children use behavior to stimulate themselves. Instead of using negative behavior to get their attention they are more open and appropriate. I am sure that the amount of toxins that Master Oh remove from a lot of the children with behavior symptoms has a huge impact on the children’s health and balance as well. I notice an improvement in their attitude, their connection to their parents, teachers and friends, as well as better attention and focus.

Most of all…everyone who meets Master Oh can feel how much he cares, really cares. He walks his talk and he practices what he preaches. He is disciplined and has dedicated his life completely to making this world a better place. Best of all, he is succeeding!

Rula Lenska, Actress

I had long been a keen follower of alternative therapies. I had suffered with the most awful back pain since my early 20’s and four decades later it was still killing me. I’d secretly worn a back brace for years. There were many times when I could hardly move because the pain was so excruciating.

Then I met Master Oh and I’ve never looked back. I had heard of people who are said to project some kind of aura but I had never actually met one. The minute I met him, however, I realised what that meant. He has it and it’s astonishing. I signed up immediately for a series of Qi Treatments and I’d say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done….My back pained lessened almost straight away and I have been able to live a normal life since.

Testimonial by Alistair Burns

Master Oh is a remarkable person. I have been working with Master Oh for the past five years and this has been the most rewarding and fulfilling years of my life so far. He has had a big impact on my life. I have learnt so much from him and I have been helped so much by him. I wouldn’t be here today, doing what I am doing, and I wouldn’t have achieved all the things that I have done over the past few years without his constant guidance, care and inspiration. There is so much to say about Master Oh, it’s difficult to put into a few words.

Master Oh has dedicated the majority of his life to helping people, create better health and happiness, therefore a better life for themselves. He puts all others before himself. He is also extremely generous. He has so much experience working in the field that he is in. He has also been through so much with his own health from a young age. So in my eyes, he is the perfect person to learn or receive help from.

It is very clear that Master Oh ‘walks the talk’, so it is quite easy and natural to respect who he is and what he has to say. He has an incredibly big vision and a huge heart for people.

For me it is very motivating and inspiring to be with him and to listen to him. There is also a lot of energy in his words, in what he has to say. It is difficult to say how it impacts me but somehow I connect very deeply with Master Oh when I listen to him. It resonates with something deep inside. It is very moving. I listen to his talks over and over again, dozens of time. I still learn something new from them.

About five years ago, I was looking for change in my life. I was deeply looking at my life and trying to find out what I was really meant to do and in what field could I really help people. I had been practicing the Qi Energy training classes in Australia quite intensively for about five years and I had volunteered a lot of my help at the centre. It felt like the right thing to do and it was quite rewarding.

My life wasn’t quite working out though and I needed a bit of help or guidance. Then I met Master Oh in Australia and my life really changed for the better. He was very interested in what I had to say and I believe he knew how to help me. After completing an important project in Australia I received a special invitation to go out to England to learn from Master Oh directly and his wonderful team. Wow, what an opportunity.

I quickly took that up and I haven’t looked back since. Now I am helping people improve their life by taking care of the fundamental aspects of life that are often overlooked or just not clearly understood or known about in the West. I am now in an occupation that I believe I was born to do. You can’t ask for more than that.

I often feel that Master Oh has saved my life, from a path and a time where I was becoming more and more unhappy. With all of my heart, Master Oh, thank you so much.

Testimonial by a Master in Holland

Master Oh is a kind and compassionate man who has made it his life’s work and mission to support others to heal. Whether the people who come to him are physically unwell or fighting against emotional and psychological turmoil he will go to great lengths without hesitating to sacrifice himself personally in order to guide each person and give to each what they most need at the time: care, warmth, emotional support, guidance and of course life’s energy, Vital Qi.

In his many years as a Qi master he has seen vital Qi help hundreds of people heal their lives, including his own. Naturally he is very passionate for his work and deeply devoted to growing it and sharing it with the world.

In the time that I have known Master Oh, I have come to know him well and respect him as much as a human being as I do as a healer and spiritual guide. Some of the many traits I respect in him are his courage, loyalty and fairness.

Because he cares deeply for all around him he will not hesitate to challenge and help open the boundaries of our mind and expectations if it is the key to our happiness and self-development. Healing is more than feeling better and not having pain. True healing comes from a deep transformation within which involves first facing our darkest corners. Few people have the courage to accompany and guide others on that path. Master Oh is undoubtedly one of them. This is perhaps the surest sign of his since heart and unconditional love for human beings: his willingness to share other peoples pain in the hope to lead them to a better life for themselves and all those around them.

What is perhaps most humbling about Master Oh, is his own humility. This is never about him stepping into the limelight. This is all about the person in front of him who is coming forward to ask for his help.

To say that he is an inspiration to me is not quite right. Master Oh is like a father to me. Someone I deeply respect and cherish. Someone who I know always has my best interest at heart and who will do everything in his power to support and help, unconditionally. My trust and respect is not blind. It is based on many years of observing this special and beautiful man; many years of receiving his love and feeling his care; many years that have seen a deep transformation in me which I could not have hoped to achieve without his presence at my side. I am grateful for his life and grateful for his presence in mine.

Testimonial by Anna Barclay

Like so many others, it was my health that brought me to meet Master Oh.
During a trip to South America I caught an infection which didn’t leave my body for two years. The infection was agony and at the same time untraceable by doctors, who diagnosed me with IC (a chronic form of non-infectious cystitis). The situation lead me to meet most of the doctors on and off Harley Street… I went to acupuncturists (some even outside London), homeopaths, nutritionalists-

During this time I prayed constantly to be shown what was wrong with my body and how to heal myself.

Then, as I was sitting in front of my computer at work, exhausted and wondering what to do next, I came across an ad : ‘Qi Energy Treatment’, the word ‘Qi’ sounded quite attractive…
When I arrived at Master Oh’s clinic, the first thing I noticed was the sound of running water and the beautiful clear eyes of the people at reception. Then I met Master Oh. He inspired a lot of wonder in me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was about him that was so compelling.

I explained my long medical history – the relentless pain in my kidneys, the creeping chronic fatigue, bladder pain… and how none of the doctors I had seen and the millions of studies I had done could explain them.

Master Oh told me – the kidneys are where most of our vital energy is stored – they serve to cool the body and are our energy powerhouses. After checking mine he said they were completely depleted.

The Qi Treatment felt like I was receiving a drink of water after many months in the desert.
For the first time in almost 2 years I felt like my body had strength. After months of dragging my feet I literally floated home, and when I got there I called my mother and booked her in with Master Oh the following day.

From then on a beautiful story unravelled. My mother getting dramatically better with every treatment (She had suffered cancer 5 years earlier and the chemo had left her exhausted and her body very toxic) and me- actually clearing my infection! It truly felt like a miracle.
Within five treatments I had an analysis – the final proof it was working – and sure enough it came back clear. My body felt completely different, the pain in my bladder was gone.
My mother’s recovery was equally remarkable. Her hair changed and her eyesight improved. And those were just the outward signs.

Master Oh’s inner beauty, his compassion, his assurance and reassurance of healing- it touched us both very deeply. Here was a man who did as he said.
To this day, he has never disappointed me. He really has the ability to restore people, physically – spiritually and emotionally.

Testimonial by Danche Zevirovska

I came across Master Oh in year 2005. At that time I was very ill and struggling to find a solution for my problems which were physical as well as emotional. I was suffering from severe insomnia and that caused a lot of other health problems including very low immune system. I also knew that to heal myself I had to go beyond the physical and emotional and look deeper. Since I was young I started on a spiritual path and was always searching for the right way for me to spiritually grow. After trying many different methods I was still in emotional turmoil and very ill.

Meeting Master Oh changed my life. I straightaway knew I could trust Master Oh to lead me to a better way of life. His treatments helped to unblock deep rooted blockages in my energy system and helped me to connect with myself. As I was watching Master Oh helping so many people recover their health it inspired me to do to more work for my spiritual growth and also help others. His devotion and dedication always inspires me to develop myself and change my deep emotional patterns.

I’m now on a path to help others to regain their health and happiness by sharing Master Oh’s teachings and his vision. His vision is a better world where people can share their love and happiness.

Testimonial from Pradnya Ranade

Master Oh’s quiet sense has become a staple of the spiritual diet that feeds those that see or hear him often, but this is what is so remarkable. With every occasion he always steps up to the mark, and raises everyone’s spirit and mind without a thought. Most recently I noticed how he managed to silently ease away my troubled heart and make me feel light again – with no word at all! I was left speechless.

His training, his dedication, his consistency are driven by a very clear universal goal that is entirely spiritual, yet wholly practical. Both this intention and the method he puts himself through have created something so unique, that he actually could move mountains. And though he is uncompromising to himself, he takes care to maintain his patience, compassion and love for others.

He really does leave a lasting impression, and can easily be described as a cross between Yoda and Bruce Lee…but don’t tell him I said that!

What has impressed me too is how well he has a sense of you, your energy constitution, your ancestral pattern, your needs and desires. With this understanding, he then approaches and helps every person develop into something greater. He has genuinely honed a higher sense of what you can become, and plots the path to help you get there.

I remember on one of the charity visits to an NGO that took care of Mumbai’s railway children. They were based in a municipal school near one of the city’s largest railway stations and provided a daytime refuge for the children trawling the railway lines and platforms. On our first visit Master Oh treated a young man who had been very sick for and weakened by a fever and constant vomiting. The Qi Treatment was dramatic, with Master Oh releasing deep toxins from the boy’s abdomen and back. We left soon after the treatment, with the boy still slumped over in the corner, cheeks flushed.

Six months later, on our return visit we were greeted with the same young man who we were told had been transformed by Master Oh’s treatment. We heard how with Master Oh’s help his condition had immediately improved. Then we also learned how with that same treatment the young man had started to change. Somehow, he had been touched and his heart had been moved, because with that interaction he had become less aloof: the NGO’s volunteers could approach him and he had become involved in their programmes. On the day of our visit he had even gone to the railway station to bring the younger kids for treatment with Master Oh, an act of care and love that he hadn’t been able to show before. We were all amazed. And there stood Master Oh, with this young man’s hands in his, peacefully sharing the same love and light and energy he had shared just six months ago.

Maurice I.T. Consultant Surrey

I first met Master Oh seven years ago. I had come to his London centre as I had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for three years and was looking for a way to improve my health. Through the methods that Master Oh has brought to the West I got my life back on track. Having vastly improved my energy levels through his treatments and classes I was able to benefit from his deep insight into the human mind.

Master Oh’s simple yet profound wisdom has enabled me to manage my life much better on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

I think the greatest thing that I have learnt from Master Oh so far is that really all our problems come from our own mind. We tend to blame the things around us for our difficulties but it is our own mind that creates unhappiness. Master Oh has helped me to learn how to find the positive in any situation and produce happiness inside.

Master Oh goes to help others wherever he can across the world, even to the most troubled places like Soweto and the slums in Mumbai.

His constant effort to help people has been a big inspiration for me and so I am learning to give treatments so that I can go with Master Oh to give Qi Treatments to those in need.