About Master Oh

Master OhThrough many years of arduous and disciplined training, and extensive experience working with many thousands of people, Master Oh has learned that much ill health and emotional problems can be traced to a shortage or blockage of energy and accumulation of negative energy.

Master Oh addresses not only the root causes of individual health problems but also the invisible energies that can impact on our living and working environment. Houses and buildings can hold negative energy that may affect the lives and health of those living or working within that space.

With his extraordinary sensitivity Master Oh can detect and clear negative energy affecting the home or workplace. This can have a positive impact on health, work performance and overall business productivity.

Master Oh believes that nature’s inexhaustible healing power can address any physical and mental ailment, so long as the mind and heart are open to receive and give. His wisdom, generosity and compassionate care for each person are a constant source of inspiration to those around him.

Please call the London clinic on +44 (0)20 7462 8800 to book an appointment with Master Oh or email info@masteroh.com for further enquiries. For more information about Master Oh, please visit his official site.